New year - new plans


The plans are actually not that new, but maybe they will come to pass now.

After a very loooong time I am going to do something about this blog and that something is writing some new articles! I am going to launch into two series concerning (mainly) sewing and making clothes, simply because it is what I do a lot and maybe the time has come to share the results of my work.

In modifying clothes I will be showing clothes and items I transformed, obviously, but didn't create entirely by myself. Many pieces like this I barely alter in size or style so that it makes sense keeping and wearing them afterwards. This is only natural if one has a supply of surplus clothes from relatives, it is (sometimes) easy and effective and helps saving planet's resources!

Making clothes on the other hand will be something different altogether (at least in my world), making brand new garments! It is an entirely different endeavor, because when putting together new clothes, the main concern is how the design will work out in the end (whereas modifying them means constantly worrying if I have enough kidding). This is something I haven't done much until recently but now I buy my own shiny new fabrics so there should be enough of that too!

I won't be making step-by-step guides, mainly because I tend to work rather chaotically and change my plans often during the proceedings. I wouldn't encourage anyone to undergo the same journey as I do to achieve a particular result, since I’m pretty sure there is a better way, if only one had the said result in mind since the very beginning. I will, however, comment on the techniques, patterns and fabrics I used, so that fellow sewists too can understand the process. And I myself can keep a record of the things I tried and use the knowledge later.

The biggest challenge remains recording my efforts with the camera, which is something I particularly don’t enjoy. I love the sewing part though and even like to write, so I feel like it was a shame not to record any of the work I’ve done.

On that note, happy sewing! The articles of my latest creations will be coming soon.

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