Knitting Woolen Cardigan with Cables


I got pretty excited about wool and knitting and researching free patterns I stumbled upon this! I got instantly intrigued but at the same time doubted my abilities. I wondered if I shouldn’t find a simpler pattern first and make my way to the more difficult projects gradually. And then I wondered if I shouldn’t be making and wearing the things I’m excited about instead of something else and ordered Karisma wool from Drops in mustard color.

The gauge is slightly different then that for the suggested yarn but I figured it would still work just fine. I got 15 skeins and even had 2 skeins left after finishing. I assume that my cardigan is a touch smaller then the original, but it fits well so I am content enough.

The instructions are excellent, including diagrams. I still made some errors due to lack of concentration - I seem not able to avoid ripping and redoing whole parts when knitting - but I managed eventually! I found it trying to shape the neck and armholes in midst of the complicated pattern, but when put together and steamed it looks all right.

The armhole seam and the shoulder seam are still somewhat crooked because the cable pattern distorts them but there is not much to do about it I guess.

I had to adjust the buttonhole band, because I was using 7 buttons instead of 8, which was really only a matter of simple math.

I joined the pieces using mattress stitch and I am thoroughly convinced by this method. The seam is marked with arrows on the next picture.

I have never actually put together a sweater consisting of several parts before, but now I am all into knitting more sweaters!

And the pattern is so pretty, like these sleeve's details for instance.

I am immensely happy with this cardigan! It is luxuriously warm since it’s 100% wool. It is a bit courser in appearance than acrylic, but I even like the rustical look. And successfully finishing this masterpiece truly boosted my confidence since I had doubts about attempting it in the first place.

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mulat ♀
21.Jan 2021 17:27
:O hezkyy, vyzera jak kupovany
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