Knitted Socks for Plush Alpaca


I've made several accessories for Kikiki already, but there is more then one alpaca in our home! And I was talked into making something for this fluffy baby too.

I recycled some poor quality yarn laying around for this. I made two and two matching socks, using the same colors, only in different order. They are real fully-featured socks with leg, heel, heel flap, gusset and toe in striped pattern. I did the changing of colors at the end of the row, which resulted in steps. However, I know how to do it better the next time. I also didn’t know that there is such a thing as stretchy bind-off, so the cuffs are a bit tight, but see, again I already know a solution. And each sock is slightly different, because I didn’t take any notes and counted the stitches only from memory, but they all fit, so there.

Despite all that, I am so proud, because I basically learned how to knit socks, doing it all on a tiny scale, yay!

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